How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts 2020 (Full Guide)

Many of us struggle with using multiple Instagram Accounts on a single Android phone. And when talking comes to using multiple accounts, we depend on third-party apps to perform it such as Parallel Space. Such type of apps allows using a single installed app two times separately. These types of apps create a duplicate directory of the app and save it on a different path on Storage to avoid file conflicts.

Well, we are not going to depend on any third-party app to use multiple Instagram Accounts on a single device. If you don’t know, there is an altered version of Instagram called GB Instagram. It comes with additional features that enhance the user experience. The good news is the GB Instagram app also has a feature that allows using multiple accounts.

And the feature is advanced. However, unlike the stock Instagram, you can use more than 5 Instagram accounts on a single device that also comes with a fast account switching feature. In this article, we will guide you on how to use multiple Instagram accounts using GB Instagram. Now, let’s get started.

About GB Instagram’s Multiple Accounts Feature

If you are not aware of the GB Instagram then let me introduce it in the first place. So, it is one of the best-forked version of Instagram that comes with advanced functions along with privacy promise to protect the user’s data. Unlike other forked versions of Instagram, GB Instagram is quiet safe & easy to use. However, the whole interface looks the same as Instagram and all the stock features are also available.

When you go to your profile, you will find a separate GB Mod settings in which all the heaven feature seats. And if you go to your account settings you find the button to add another Instagram account. All the accounts that you will add will be visible in your account settings. And with just a single tap, you will be able to switch between them. The account management in GB Instagram is better than the stock version because it responds fast without any render or lag.

Moreover, you can set an account as the main account to make switching to that account even faster. And the account you will mark as the main account will be visible on the top of all the accounts that you will add in GB Instagram. Now, let me also clear the confusion between Personal account and Business account.

Personal Account VS. Business Account in GB Instagram

Instagram allows creating two types of accounts; Personal and Business. Both have different features and restrictions which we will explain in a few seconds. Most of the accounts that made on Instagram are Business accounts because it has some extended features. And if you don’t know, in order to run Ads on Instagram you need to convert or switch to a Business account.

When someone first time creates an account on Instagram, that account called personal account. Initially, Instagram gives you a Personal account, and later Instagram offers users to convert into a business account through in-app notification.

In a Personal account, you only get basic features that help you establish an individual account. With this type of account, you only be able to browse or surf the app & see other user’s stories. A personal account also allows you to make your account private which means only you & your followers will be able to see your post & stories.

So, now you pretty much know about Personal and Business accounts. Let me show you the procedure to use Multiple Instagram accounts on a single Android phone.

Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on a Single Android

Use Multiple Instagram Accounts
Use Multiple Instagram Accounts

Here, we will show you how you can use more than one Instagram account on a single device with the help of GB Instagram. And later we will also teach you how to manage multiple Instagram accounts after adding.

1st Step: Download & Install GB Instagram on your Android phone.

2nd Step: Login with your permanent Instagram account first.

3rd Step: After that, click on the “My Account” icon from right bottom.

4th Step: Click on the three horizontal line icon and then click on “settings”.

5th Step: Scroll down to Logins section & click on the “Add account link”.

6th Step: Enter username & password of your another account and then press on “Add account”.

7th Step: After this, GB Instagram will try to fetch the account and ask you to confirm. So, confirm it, the account will get added.

Similarly, you can add accounts up to 5 or more by just following the above procedure. We recommend that you only add 4 to 5 accounts as it considered normal. Now, let me also show you how you can manage added accounts in GB Instagram.

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Some of you may struggle with the account management part that is why we are providing proper steps to help you manage them easily.

So, basically, all the accounts that you will add will be visible on My Accounts>Settings. From there, you can switch accounts instantly with just a single tap. The stock version of Instagram sometimes crashes when switching accounts but the problem isn’t present in the GB Instagram. Even if you have a low-end Android phone you can trouble-free switch accounts on GB Instagram.

Also, in My Account settings, you will be able to remove or logout accounts without any hassle. And that too with just a single tap.

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When you are running multiple Instagram accounts, it is hard to manage them all until you have separate devices for all accounts you owned. Well, it was hard until GB Instagram came. But now, you can easily manage multiple Instagram accounts on a single device with the help of this trusted app.

So, try this forked version and we are sure that you will be blown away by seeing its powerful additional features. That’s it. If you have any questions in your mind then you can use the comment box below. Also, let us know your experience after you use it. Thanks.

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