GB Instagram Themes Download 2020 (Complete Guide)

GB Instagram Themes help customize the appearance and changes the whole look & design. On its free store, there are more than 80 Themes that are freely available to install. None of it has a price and also has a one-tap to install feature which is fantastic. No need to go to some third-party website and download files and then import it into the app. You just have to signup and go to the Themes section, you can browse the library and install any theme you want.

In case, if you want to install a theme from SD card or phone storage then the option is also available. GB Instagram Themes has several tools that help install a theme file from storage, save current theme preferences, reset theme, clear backup theme files, and more. We will later talk about the installation part, for now, let’s this article and let me first give an overview of the Themes feature of GB Instagram.

GB Instagram Themes

To make the Themes library in GB Instagram happen, many developers worldwide have contributed. The library is completely free for GB Instagram users as of now; anyone can easily download & install a theme for free from the library. No need to give any extra details or verification, just visit the library section, wait for the server to load all the available themes, and then install your favorite theme. The library has now enough themes and that’s why there are no new themes that have been added for 8 months.

Apart from the Themes Library, there are some helpful tools that let us manage the customization & appearance part. We have already mentioned the tools of GB Instagram Themes and we are again saying “Using the tool, you don’t have to tension about anything”. Because those tools are really helpful and made for one reason “To provide the convenience to use Pre-built Themes in GB Instagram”. You will find different types of Themes with different colors & designs.

Some themes will completely change the whole icons & design which may look fantastic but that also changes the settings place and chances you will struggle to find important features after that. Well, that is what the GB Instagram Themes are all about. Now, let me provide you guide on downloading & installing.

Download GB Instagram Themes

GB Instagram Themes
GB Instagram Themes Download

To download GB Instagram Themes, you don’t need to go to any third-party store or website because all the available themes are now included in the app itself. There is a Theme store in the app from you can browse Tens of Themes & freely download them without any additional process. Here, we are going to guide you on how you can download GB Instagram Themes free.

  • Firstly, download GB Instagram APK on your phone & then signup with your Facebook account.
  • Once you are in the app, click on the Profile icon from the right bottom.
  • Click on the Gear or GB settings from the top right side. This will redirect you to the GB Instagram settings.
  • When you are in the settings, click on the Download Themes option under the Themes section. Upon clicking, it will ask you for permissions i.e Storage, Network, etc. Allow all of them to continue.
  • After that, all the themes will start loading for you and in a few seconds, you will be able to see Download buttons aligned right of the Themes. That’s it!

Install GB Instagram Themes

The installation part of GB Instagram Themes is much easier than the downloading part. However, you just require to click on the install button after downloading the Theme file to apply the theme on the installed GB Instagram. Well, if you are confused or beginner of such type of apps then you can follow the steps from below.

  1. Once the Theme file is downloaded, the download button will get replaced with the Install button.
  2. After that happens, just tap on the install button to apply the downloaded theme on your GB Instagram.
  3. To see the changes of the New installed Theme, you must restart your GB Instagram app. Without restarting it, you won’t see the effect even after getting the successful theme installation notification.

More Themes Option

GB Instagram Themes Option
GB Instagram Themes Tool

Under the Themes section, you will find more Themes option which contains tools we have already mentioned. Let me describe their functions and how it can benefit you.

Save Preferences

This tool will allow you to save the current settings or preferences of the Theme that is installed & active. The preferences will be saved on SD Card/GBInstagram/Themes/saved OR Internal Storage/GBInstagram/Themes/saved.

Load Theme

If you have your own theme formatted in.XML format or you have download Theme from external sources then you can use this tool to properly install the theme on GB Instagram. It is also used for restoring the backup theme file from SD card or Internal Storage.

Share Theme Preferences

Someone requesting you to share your Theme preferences & settings with them? In this case, you can simply use this inbuilt tool for Themes to share your current theme preferences & settings using any sharing options i.e WhatsApp, Message, etc. This tool basically forms a temporary file formatted in.XML format to share with friends & family.

Clear Theme Preferences

Facing file conflict issue while installing a new theme in GB Instagram? In this case, clearing the current Theme Preferences will help you come over the issue. This is another inbuilt tool that right away clears the present Theme Preferences and fixes the common problems i.e theme file conflict.

Send Theme to Library

You have created a theme that is suitable for the GB Instagram & formatted in.XML format? If yes then Mazel tov! You can be famous and get credit for the theme you have made by listing it in the free GB Instagram theme library. This is a simple forum that allows sending the theme to the developer. In case you got verified after submitting, you will be emailed and get responses from all the GB Instagram users worldwide.

So, that was about the GB Instagram Themes. Now, it is your turn, let us know in the comments below which Theme you are currently using & your thoughts about the Themes of GB Instagram. Thanks.

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