How to Download Instagram Images/Videos (Easy Way)

For most people, Instagram is one of the favorite social media platforms where users can share videos & images. The fact is it is a part of Facebook Inc. and like FB, it doesn’t provide the option to direct download images & videos. One can only share the URL with others by clicking on the more options of uploaded videos or photos.

Well, in order to download any video or image from the Instagram platform, we can use free & paid tools that are available at scale on the Internet. But that also contains disadvantages and you may not be able to download the original Instagram picture or video. The quality of the file will be reduced in most of the cases since online tools are not that robust.

Considering that, we will be using the GB Instagram application to download any picture or video right away from the app. This is the easiest & safest method that we have found. If you are looking for an easy guide to download Instagram images & videos then you are on the right page. So, first, let us start this article.

About GB Instagram

If you don’t know what GB Instagram is then this blog will teach you all about that. Basically, GB Instagram is a forked version of Instagram which comes with additional features that help make the Instagram experience better. Additionally, you will find a separate GB setting in the GB Instagram that can truly enhance your Instagram experience.

For example, you can Install Themes, Change Appearance, Download Images & Videos instantly. Moreover, you can enable extra elements i.e Navigation buttons which will help you navigate easily in the Instagram app. Coming to the main point, GB Instagram’s built-in download feature will help you download any image or video in actual quality. The downloaded media will automatically get saved on your phone’s storage. And you will be able to view that from your phone’s gallery.

Now, let me provide you the simple guide that you can follow to download Instagram images & videos using GBInstagram.

Guide to Download Instagram Images & Videos 2020

1st Step: Firstly, download GB Instagram & install it on your Android phone.

2nd Step: Open GB Instagram and then login with your details.

Download Instagram Images

3rd Step: Click on the three-doted icon that will be on the right top side of the image or video you want to download. This will expand the menu for that media.

Download Instagram Images

4th Step: Select GB Options from the menu and then click on Download. That’s it.

Download Instagram Images

Once you will click on that, the media file (whether it is a photo or video) will get saved on your phone’s storage. You can check that by navigating to Internal Storage>GBInstagram>Downloads.

Note: You may be asked to allow storage access to the app if you haven’t already. That is required to do otherwise you won’t be able to download any type of media file from Instagram.

Another Way to Download Instagram Images

If for any reason, the first method is not working for you then don’t be sad because there is another way to download Instagram images from GB Instagram. However, apart from the direct media download feature, there is a Media preview feature which allows you to preview images & videos in fullscreen.

And while the image or video will be on full screen, you can record with a screen recorder Or take a screenshot if it is a photo. In the preview, you can also zoom-in & zoom-out. That way, you can download Instagram Images & videos using GB Instagram.

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Download Instagram Images, Videos, IGTV Videos Using DownloadGram

It is an online tool that is super popular for extracting images, videos, IGTV videos, and allow to download instantly. The only thing that you will require in order to download any media file is its URL. Instagram by default allows copying URL of posts. You can copy the URL of a specific post that contains the media file you want to download. Once copied, you can paste that on the DownloadGram website and it will extract the file and make it downloadable. Here are the proper steps that will help you use the tool:

  1. Go to the Instagram post that has the Media file you want to download.
  2. Click on the more option.
  3. Select the Copy URL option. This will copy the post URL on the clipboard.
  4. Open your Web browser and visit
  5. Paste the copied URL on the empty box.
  6. And then click on the Download button.

Within a few seconds, the tool will work out and send the media file directly to your Browser. Just accept the request to start downloading.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram is a free app available for Android phones. Using this app, you can download images, videos from the Instagram app. This is a safe method and you won’t require to login within the FastSave app. Also, it works absolutely fine in non-rooted phones and rooted phones. Here’s how to use the FastSave app to download Instagram Images & Videos:

  1. Firstly, Install FastSave from the Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Open it once installed.
  3. Turn on the FastSave service by clicking on the toggle button.
  4. Click on the Open Instagram button beneath the service toggle button.
  5. Go the post that contains the media file you want to download.
  6. Click on more options.
  7. Select the Copy Link.
  8. Done.

As soon as you click on the Copy Link option, the post media file will get downloaded which you will be able to see on FastSave’s Download section or on your phone’s gallery.


GB Instagram is fantastic because it is just more than a media file downloader of Instagram. It has other useful options too & if you haven’t tried it already, download it now from the above link. It is safe & secure to use. By using it, you won’t need to copy the link and go to some third-party thing to download images or videos. Use can GB Instagram to right away download Instagram Images. You can also use alternatives methods that we suggested above. Third-party tools like FastSave and DownloadGram are safe for download images & videos from the Instagram app.

If you have any question or have thoughts to share then you can comment below.

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