GBInsta Download v1.70 Latest For Android 2021 [Official]

GBInsta is an advanced application that allows accessing the Instagram app with additional features that truly enhance the experience. There are quite cool features the GBInsta app offers i.e Instant video download, copy caption, Themes, and more. With access to these features on GB Instagram, you can do things most Instagram users simply can’t. And since Instagram is a picture & video-based social media app, privacy is good and you can’t download anything without a permission grant.

On the other hand, GBInsta has a smart download feature that helps right away download any picture or video from Instagram. Usually, we struggle to save a picture or video from Instagram because of the lack of features. And in case if we want to save a picture or video, we take a screenshot and crop it to fix the additional widths & heights. And that sometimes also reduces the quality of the media file. And the worse part is you can’t do anything about the video as we cannot save the video by any chance.

Well, welcome to the official site of GBInsta, here you will find the full details about the app including the official GBInsta app download link. Now, let’s start this article and let me first explain our app a little more so you can understand it clearly.

GBInsta Overview

GB Instagram

GBInsta is also known as GB Instagram, it is a modified version that provides an Instagram like interface with stunning additional features. It is super customizable and has a whole separate section for customizing Appearance, themes, etc. Unlike Instagram, GBInsta allows downloading pictures & videos at an instant with original quality. No need to take screenshots or record a video of a video on Instagram, you can directly download any media file directly to your phone storage.

The appearance customization section is the most interesting part. However, you can customize every little area of Instagram i.e Conversation screen, Main/Chats Screen, Comments Screen, Home Screen, Notification Screen, Profile Screen, etc. You can change the colors & fonts of the above-listed sections. There is also a Translucent mode which is very helpful because it helps to change the color of the Status Bar & Navigation bar.

Under the GBInsta MOD settings, there is a “Themes” section where you can manage the theme of GB Instagram. You can browse the free theme library with over 30+ themes and easily install them with one-click. All the themes that are available in the free library are created by GB Instagram users. Moreover, you can also explore Themes Options to properly manage the Theme of GB Instagram. Under the more theme options, you will find helpful options i.e Save theme preferences, Load themes from SD card, Revert back to default theme preferences, Share GBInstagram theme preferences, etc. You can even send your own theme to the Developer to implement it in the library.

Apart from that, there are two more helpful MOD options which are “Start Videos Directly with Sound” and “Disable Slide Navigation”. If you are a normal user of Instagram then you probably know how helpful these two options are. You can simply enable them from the Other MODS option. Overall, GBInsta is an excellent MOD version of Instagram that helps take control of every little element. And it is widely used for downloading videos & pictures from Instagram.

Download GBInsta v1.70 Latest for Android 2021

GB Instagram
GB Instagram Download

GB Instagram v1.70 is recently released by the GBMods, it is the finest version till now. Because it contains a lot of new features, bugs are fixed, supports Kitkat Android, and more. Also, files have been compressed and now the file of the Latest GBInsta is 38Mb. That’s almost 20 Megabytes less than the stock Instagram app. In the latest GB Instagram, you will find all the latest features of Instagram as well as additional features by GBMods. Below are some details about the latest file.

Size38 MB
Total Downloads100000+
Last updated29 January 2021

How to Download GBInsta Latest Version on Android 2021

To help you easily download the GBInsta from the provided link, we have listed straightforward instructions below.

  • Click on the above download button.
  • The link will redirect you to a Google Drive download page.
  • Once you are on the page, tap on the blue download button.
  • After that, you will receive a download request through your browser, make sure the file name is GB Instagram, and then accept the request.
  • Wait until the downloading finishes. That’s it.

Just follow the above steps carefully and you will be able to download the GBInsta app on your Android.

How to Install GBInsta on Android Phone

Since you have downloaded it from a third-party website, you will need to manually install GBInsta on your Android. Well, here, we will guide you on how to do it step by step. Also, you will need to enable “Unknown sources” from Android settings to grant the third-party app installation on the phone. If you don’t know how to do it then you can simply follow the instructions provided below.

1st Step. Open Android settings and go to Security. Under that, enable the “Unknown sources” option.

Install GB Instagram
Allow third-party app installation for GB Instagram

2nd Step. Go to the download section of your Browser & tap on the recently downloaded GB Instagram. This will open it in the installer.

Install GB Instagram
Locate Downloaded GB Instagram

3rd Step. Now, tap on the Install option and wait until the installation completes. You will be notified when the installation complete.

Install GB Instagram
Install GB Instagram

4th Step. Once the installation completes, click on the Done option to exit the installer.

Install GB Instagram
GB Instagram Installation Complete

5th Step. Now, you have successfully installed the GBInsta on your Android phone. And now it is also ready to use.

So, that was the installation instructions for GBInsta. Follow the above common steps and you will be able to install it on your phone without any issue.

GBInsta v1.70 Changelog

GBInsta v1.70
GB Instagram v1.70 New Changes
GBInsta v1.70 Changelog
New Base Updated to
Added Support for IGTV
Added Video Calls
You can make a Chat favorite
Now can add Voice note Note in Story
Now can Add Tag in Story
Fixed Bubble Color When Reply to Story
Fixed Themes after Viewing Post in Search
Fixed Crash when Click on Download/Preview
Many More Fixes

How to Get Started with GBInsta on Android

After the installation, you may need instructions on how to use GBInsta. Well, here, you are going to get steps on how to get started with GB Instagram.

1st Step. Launch the GB Instagram from your Phone’s app drawer.

Get Started with GBInsta
GB Instagram Login Interface

2nd Step. Tap on the “Log In with Facebook” or Sign Up with Email Address or Phone Number. The best & suitable option for most of us is Facebook Log In.

Get Started with GBInsta
GB Instagram Login with Facebook

3rd Step. Fill your Facebook Login Credentials and allow the GB Instagram to access your data.

Get Started with GBInsta
Confirm Login to Continue

4th Step. After that, the GBInsta will take a few seconds and then redirect you to your Instagram Account. That’s it. Now, you can start using GB Instagram on your phone.

There you have the “get started instructions”. As of now, we have pretty much guided you on GBInsta. Now, let me show you its complete features.

GBInsta Features

Unlike Instagram, GBInsta has tons of features that can be accessed from Mod settings. Using the additional features, you will be able to do a lot of useful things with one click. For example, video calling, IGTV, Add tag in stories, and more. These features can be useful for those who are using the platform for business or growing awareness about somethings i.e Beauty products. Well, here are the complete features of GB Instagram.

Add Voice Note in Stories

GBInsta Feature

While adding stories using GBInsta, you can add a voice note that can be voice read of the note you have added in the story. This feature can save users time in reading the note. Users can choose to read the full note or play the voice of the note. This feature is very similar to what we nowadays call “Podcasts”. It is super helpful especially if you add long notes in your stories. Most Instagram users don’t read the full note, they interested in pictures or videos, or voice recordings. And that is what the Instagram platform is all about.

Download Videos & Pictures Instantly

GBInsta Feature

GBInsta has an inbuilt feature that helps download any video or picture instantly. Usually, in order to download a video or picture from Instagram, we require to copy the link of the post and then use some third-party tool to fetch the media file & download it. But using GB Instagram, you don’t have to follow such a hectic process to download videos & pictures. However, you can just click on the three dots of any post and click on the download button. This will right away save the post video or picture in your phone’s storage.

Run Multiple Instagram Accounts

GBInsta Feature

Running multiple Instagram accounts is usually not possible in the stock version. There is no feature to run multiple accounts & switch accounts. But in GBInsta, there is a feature that helps run multiple Instagram accounts at once. And once you have added multiple accounts in the GBInsta, you can instantly switch accounts from the My Accounts settings. People who run multiple Instagram accounts can take the benefits of this feature in GBInsta.

Copy Bio Texts

GBInsta Feature

Another cool feature that lets users copy bio texts of any Instagram Account. Generally, it is copy protected and nobody can copy someone’s bio text. If you don’t know, as per the Instagram algorithm, an IG account is known for its content & the media stuff that the account holder publishes. The bio text also helps an IG account appears in the search result when properly optimized. The Copy Bio text feature can help copy texts from bio and add them to a new account instantly. You don’t have to manually write the same text on your IG account, you can simply copy & paste from a successful IG account. And that way, you can set up your new IG account in few minutes.

No Root Permission Required

GBInsta Feature

Even after being an advanced application, GBInsta doesn’t require Root permission like most advanced apps. One can access the MOD features of GBInsta for absolutely free & without any additional permission. Yes, you have to grant it permissions to access a few things on your smartphone but that is not a big deal. It just requires storage permission, SMS, Camera, SMS, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Phone, etc. Also, some of the listed permission is not even necessarily needed, you can grant them as per your task & requirement.

View & Zoom Profile Picture

GBInsta Feature

One of the biggest drawbacks of Instagram is that you cannot zoom in on a profile picture, you can just see it in normal resolution. And that sometimes really frustrates us because we sometimes can’t able to see the face of the person clearly. Well, in GBInsta, you can view & Zoom any Profile picture without any restriction. The latest GB Instagram allows to zoom profile picture and even lets users download it on phone.

Download Instagram Stories

GBInsta Feature

IG Stories is the most popular feature of the platform and that is also the most significant & successful invention of Instagram. At first, we saw the Stories feature on Instagram and then the other social platforms copied the feature i.e Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Well, GBInsta has a special feature for Instagram Stories, the feature allows us to download stories. You can download Instagram Stories including the media file i.e Pictures, videos. And the best part is it helps us download the Stories without lowering the quality of the video or picture included in the Stories.

So, that was the special feature of GBInsta that is available in the latest version 1.70. Now, let me answers some Frequently Asked Questions.

GBInsta FAQs

Is it safe to use GB Instagram?

Yes, it is absolutely safe & secure to use GB Instagram. It uses the API of Instagram & framework to work and provide the same experience with additional features. Meanwhile, your data will be safely stored on Instagram but you will be able to use the advanced features listed above.

How can we Download GB Instagram on iPhone?

Currently, the GBInsta is only available for the Android platform, the app is in the development period for iOS. But, you can use Android Emulator on your PC to run the GB Instagram. For iPhone users, you will need to wait until the app releases for iOS users. Because then only you will be able to use GBInsta genuinely.

Is GBInsta different from Instagram?

Generally, both applications are the same but technically, GB Instagram is a modified app that is safe to use. It just uses the Instagram API & framework and all the data stays stored in the default Instagram database. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter which application you are using, you are basically using the Instagram app.


We are living in a world where we prefer features in apps more than the interface & stability of the app. And that is why we are offering GB Instagram. It is basically the Instagram app but offers additional features that separate it from the stock app. You will be really satisfied using the application because of the convenience it provides through its advanced features. The app is also frequently updated & its users will receive more security and new features to make using the Instagram app a little easier in the future.

For future updates of GB Instagram, you can follow our blog. Here, we will publish all the news & updates about the GBInsta. For details about the new changes, you can look at the Changelog section.

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