How to Copy Instagram Comments & Captions Easily [2020]

Copy Instagram Comments & Captions are inevitable desires that come when we see it written in a beautiful, funny, cool manner. We instantly get attracted to these texts and want to copy to share somewhere else, either on a different platform or with specific people. The problem is we simply can’t copy comments, captions from the Instagram app. The feature is not available or you can say the platform doesn’t allow to do that.

Well, the solution for that is available, there are basically three ways you can copy Instagram comments, captions. Here, we will provide you all the three methods that promise to help copy texts from the Instagram app. Let’s start this article.

Why you can’t copy comments, captions from the Instagram App?

We as humans like texts written in a funny, cool, and beautiful way, and when we like something, we want to get it. Instagram has some terms & conditions that help the platform stay away from duplicate contents. And the terms are, you can’t download videos and pictures, you can’t copy bio texts, captions, and comments. Having these, users of the Instagram app only see unique content on the platform which is also the main essence of Instagram. Which is why Instagram doesn’t allow copying comments, captions, video & images. And because of this approach, the Instagram app has become one of the few platforms that are only filled with unique content.

So, is this means you can’t copy comments, captions on the Instagram app? No, there are many ways you can do that. Let us straightforward show you different methods that will help achieve the goal of copying comments & captions text.

How to Copy Instagram Comments, Captions Easily

Copy Instagram Comments
Copy Instagram Comments, Captions

As the Instagram app doesn’t allow copying comments, captions by default, we will use alternative methods to do that. All the three methods that we are going to suggest below works 100% and those are also super easy to follow.

1st Method: Using GB Instagram

GB Instagram is a Modded version of the Instagram app. It comes with extra features that extend the overall feature in the stock app. This mod works fine till now and we can use it to copy comments, captions easily on Instagram. Through the GB Instagram Mod, you can explore the same content that is shared or will be shared on Instagram. Also, the overall interface of the mod app is almost the same. Using GB Instagram, you can also modify the theme and stuff like that. Well, here’s how to use GB Instagram Mod to copy Instagram comments, captions.

  1. First of all, download GB Instagram on your phone. Before installing this mod, uninstall the stock Instagram app from your phone.
  2. Launch GB Instagram from your phone’s app drawer and log in with Facebook. You can also use other login methods.
  3. Once logged in, go to the post of which you want to copy comments or captions.
  4. Click on the post to see all the comments it received. In this window, you will see comments as well as the caption.
  5. To copy them, simply tap & hold i.e Tap & hold on a comment or the post caption. Within a second, an extra bar will appear at the top.
  6. Click on the copy icon from the extra bar.
  7. Upon clicking on the copy icon, your selected comment or caption will be copied to your clipboard.
  8. Done.

Now you can paste the copied comment or caption anywhere you want to share. Now, let’s get to the next method.

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2nd Method: Using Web Instagram

If you don’t know, you can access Instagram from the web as well. You can use any web browser that you have, for now, we will be using the Chrome browser. By accessing Instagram from the web, we can copy almost any text on Instagram including Captions, Comments, etc. Let me show you can do that.

  1. On your Instagram app, go to the post of which you want to copy caption or comments.
  2. Click on more options.
  3. Select the Copy URL option. This will copy the post URL on your clipboard.
  4. Now, open the Chrome browser on your device.
  5. Paste the URL on the address bar and click OK.
  6. Log in with your Instagram ID, password.
  7. After logging in, the post will load.
  8. Now, tap & hold on the post caption or comment you want to copy.
  9. Select the text length and click on Copy.
  10. Done.

So, that is how you can copy comments and captions from Instagram using a Web browser. This option is recommended for those who don’t want to rely on third-party apps and tools. Now, let’s move on to the next method.

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3rd Method: Using Universal Copy App

Using the Universal Copy app, we can easily copy any text display on our phone screen. It is a screen overlay tool that captures the text from popular social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc, and lets us copy it right away. Here’s how you can use it and copy comments, captions from the Instagram app.

  1. Firstly, download Universal Copy from Play Store on your phone.
  2. Launch it from your phone’s app drawer.
  3. Allow accessibility permission to the app. This is a must-do step.
  4. As soon as you allow it, a notification bar will start appearing on your phone’s notification panel.
  5. Now, open the Instagram app and go to any post you would like to copy content from.
  6. Click on the Universal Copy notification to activate its robust text copying feature.
  7. Select the text displaying on the screen and click copy from the top-right.
  8. In case you want to copy limited text, click edit and trim the text before clicking the final copy button.
  9. Done.

This app is really fantastic, you can copy anything you want from the Instagram app. Whether you want to copy Bio text, comment, caption, it can copy texts in a few clicks.

From all the above three-methods, we recommend that you use GB Instagram because it is a one-time effort. After replacing Instagram with GB Instagram, you can copy comments, captions instantly. GB Instagram’s built-in feature will help you copy texts in a few seconds and right away from the app.

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So, these are basically the different ways you can copy Instagram comments, captions on your phone. If you often copy text from the Instagram app then it is a better idea to opt GB Instagram. Its in-built copy feature is enough for copying any type of text from the Instagram app. Additionally, it offers other prominent features that are available as Mod feature.

If you are still facing a problem with any method above to copy Instagram comments, captions then we are here to solve it for you. Just comment below if you are struggling and also let us know which method you are using for copying texts from the Instagram app.

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