Top 5 Best Instagram Mods List 2021 (Safe to Use)

Best Instagram Mods are the top modded apps that extend the functionality of Instagram and provides a much better user experience than what the stock version offers. It is crucial for Instagram users to achieve success on the Platform without using advanced tools. Instagram mods don’t directly help market the business rather it provides useful tools that help do extraordinary things.

With Instagram mods, you can download images & videos, copy bio text, comments, post caption, and more such types of pro features are available for free to use. If you use Instagram on your phone and are not aware of the mod versions that are available then this article will teach you all about that. Here, we are going to provide you top 5 best Instagram Mods that will give more control over your account on Instagram. Let’s get started.

What are Instagram Mods?

Many of you reading this probably don’t know what Instagram Mods actually are. Well, let us first explain it to you. So, basically, Instagram Mods are the forked versions of stock Instagram that are filled with advanced features. These advanced features really do the magic and help users take more control over their account as well as the platform.

Using Instagram Mods, you can customize your whole Instagram app interface using themes and appearance customization features. You will also get a whole new theme library where you will be able to explore hundreds of themes contributed by developers around the world. And those themes are also completely free to use. Moreover, it has some fantastic features i.e Hide View Status, Download Stories, Download Shared Images & videos, and more.

Moreover, Instagram Mods supports all Android versions and unlike the Instagram app, a lower Android version phone can access the same features that are available for Android 10 users in Instagram Mods. Its compatibility is really fantastic even with the lower version of the Android phones. We will show you the complete Instagram Mods features of all Mods. So, now you know pretty much about the modded Instagram. Let us show you the best Instagram mods list.

Top 5 Best Instagram Mods that are Safe to Use

We have made a list of all the best Instagram Mods that are widely used. Every mod offers something new & unique and that is why all of them have a separate fan base. Here is the complete list of the best Instagram Mods:

1. GB Instagram

It is the best & top-rated altered version of Instagram that provides the best features and overall user-experience. GB Instagram was first launched in 2017 by GBMods developer. Since then, it has evolved and now has a better interface & features than the stock Instagram app. Its file size is super lightweight as it just requires only 39MB to download and doesn’t consume storage space more than 150Mb after getting installed on a phone. It is the first modded version of Instagram that came into existent after the Instagram platform formed.

Features of GB Instagram

  • Add Voice Note in Story
  • Download Images/Videos
  • Hide View Status
  • Comment from Home Screen
  • Follow/Unfollow without visiting Profile
  • Change Background Color of specific elements
  • Install 100+ Themes for free
  • Dark Theme Available
  • Anti-ban
  • Customize Appearance
  • Translate Comments/Captions

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2. Instagram Plus

It is another Instagram mod that is lighter and feature-rich. Instagram Plus came into existent in 2018, it took only a few months to become a popular modded version of Instagram. Its developer OGMods started the project to provide Instagram users a feature-rich experience in a lightweight package. Instagram Plus file size is three times less than the stock Instagram app, its file size is just 25Mb. In terms of lightweight, it has lefts other Instagram mods behind as there is no lightweight forked version available other than this mod. Also, it loads 3x faster in any Android phone than other modded Instagram. Instagram Plus is recommended for those who want to get the best out of Instagram mods in their low-end device.

Instagram Plus Features

  • Zoom Profile Pictures
  • Super Lightweight in Size
  • Supports Many Languages
  • Auto-Play Videos
  • Download Stories
  • Download Pictures/Videos
  • Copy texts (Comments, Captions) Instantly
  • 100% Safe to use
  • 3x Faster
  • Tons of Mod Features

3. OG Instagram

It is another lightweight Instagram Mod that is developed by OGInsta Team. Initially, it was launched as an unofficial version but now it is one of the best Instagram Mods that contains too many additional features. Speaking of features, you can do incredible things using this app that you can’t even imagine doing on the normal Instagram app. Also, similar to Instagram Plus, its file size is less compared to the Instagram stock version. With only 26MB, it can be downloaded on any Android phone. Moreover, it doesn’t crash in the Android KitKat version like other Instagram Mods. So, if you have been facing compatibility issues then we recommend using this mod.

OG Instagram Features

  • Download Pictures & Videos in Original Quality
  • Easily use Multiple Accounts with an Instant account switcher feature
  • Zoom Profile pictures
  • Auto-translates different language into the default user language
  • Autoplay videos/GIFs on the Home feed
  • Easy login with Facebook
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Robust text copy feature for copying Bio/Comments/Captions

4. OGInsta+

OGInsta+ considered the safest Instagram Mod because we can use it alongside the stock Instagram app on our phone. You don’t need to uninstall the Instagram app from your phone in order to use this Mod. After testing it on more than 4 Android phones we can say that OGInsta+ is one of the top & safest modded Instagram. Initially, it came into existent in 2017 along with Instagram Plus. Yes, both mods developed by OGMods. But like OGInsta+, you can’t use Instagram Plus alongside the Instagram app. You first need to uninstall that while OGInsta+ doesn’t create any conflict and we can use both altogether trouble-free.

OGInsta+ Features

  • Download any video or image
  • Share URL instead of Copy & then share
  • Story Download
  • Zoom-in any image including Profile picture
  • Follow Indicator

5. InstaULTRA

When we talk about modded Instagram, the first thing that comes in our mind is tons of features. Well, InstaULTRA not only has lavish of advanced features but it is also super compatible with all the present Android versions. Again, for those who are facing compatibility issues with other Instagram mods then you can try InstaULTRA. It is serving the needs of advanced users of Instagram since 2017 and as of now, it has been downloaded millions of times and received a lot of positive comments. Its users are from every country. Speaking about this modded Instagram app, Sommer Damous is the man behind the creation of InstaULTRA. The developer has last updated the app on 2 April 2020. Its latest file size is 52MB.

InstaULTRA Features

  • Download Images, Videos in High Quality
  • Story Download is also available
  • Copy bio and other texts easily
  • Enable or Disable Slide navigation
  • Download IGTV Videos
  • No ban problems
  • Hide View Status
  • Hide Text seen
  • Translate other languages by default
  • Hide Typing Status

These top 5 Instagram Mods are safe to use which means your account won’t get banned if you use them. You will be able to easily take advantage of Mod features without worrying about any issues.

Best Instagram Mods FAQs

We know that many of you still have queries related to the best Instagram Mods. Well, here, we are going to clear them all one after one. If your question doesn’t get answered then you can ask us directly through the comments below.

Are Instagram Mods Safe to Use?

Popular Instagram Mods like GB Instagram, OGInsta+, Instagram Plus, etc, are totally safe to use. Thousands of people daily use these modded versions and have never complained about anything. The Instagram mods that receive regular updates considered the safest mod because it contains security updates, new features, enhancement, and more.

Are Instagram Mods Legal?

Most popular Instagram Mods are unofficial but developed by trusted developers. There is no official statement that has ever made in the history in which it was written that Instagram Mods are illegal. According to our experience & thoughts, the Instagram mods that we have listed above are legal. However, they don’t harm or break any privacy policy, they just provide some cool features that are authentic and should be adopted by Instagram because it really enhances the user experience. That is our opinion, if you don’t trust the developer of these modded apps then you shouldn’t use it.

Which is the best Instagram Mod?

After testing all the authentic Instagram mods, we can clearly say that the GB Instagram is the best Instagram mod that has ever made. No other mods can beat it because it has almost everything that a modded app should contain. After GB Instagram, we think that Instagram Plus and OGInsta+ are the winners as they are better at providing a fantastic user experience. The best part about OGInsta+ is it can be installed alongside the Instagram app, it shows how authentic & non-violating modded app it is.

Final Words

So far, we have discussed the best Instagram Mods. After testing all the available modded Instagram, we have found only 5 that truly work trouble-free. GB Instagram is our favorite pick, if you use other suggested mods then you will notice that they don’t provide an experience like GB Instagram. But OGInsta+ and Instagram Plus are also great and they are developed by a trusted developer (GBMods) and we recommend them too. So, that was our words on the best Instagram Mods.

Hopefully, you’ve found the top 5 Instagram mods list helpful? If so, share it with others and also let us know your thoughts through the comments below.

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